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BREAKING: White woman suspended from job after allegedly instigating McKinney pool fight



The Daily Kos reports the two women were “confirmed” to have made racist comments that led to the party spiraling into a violent melee in which police were called and also caught on tape abusing adolescent African American party guests. On her social media profile, Allbritton claimed to work for Bank of America.

In response, social justice action group Dallas Communities Organizing for Change launched a Twitter campaign asking BofA to take action against her with this tweet.

But BofA conducted an investigation and found Allbritton actually works for CoreLogic, a Bank of America vendor that provides financial profiles to the banking giant that are key in making mortgage lending decisions, the Daily Kos reports.

“CoreLogic does not condone violence, discrimination or harassment and takes conduct that is inconsistent with our values and expectations very seriously,” the firm wrote in a statement reported by Dallas News. “As a result of these pending allegations, we have placed the employee in question on administrative leave while further investigations take place.”

Most of the attention and outrage in the case have circulated around McKinney police Cpl. Eric Casebolt, who was caught on video doing an action movie-style barrel roll onto the scene, violently tackling a 15-year-old girl to the ground and pointing his gun at unarmed children. Casebolt has resigned from the police force and on Wednesday issued an apology for responding the way he did, NBC News reports. Casebolt said stress from prior calls caused him the behave the way he did on scene.

Video of Allbritton fighting can be seen here:

Stress from prior calls led him to drag a 14 year old bikini clad girl onto the street and put both his knees and weight on her. There is no excuse. You’re a police officer, you’re in a high stress profession. You are taught to deal with it so don’t give me that bullshit excuse. I’m so tired of these fuckass police officers brutalizing and killing our men, women, boys and girls ugh. Now both those women need to get fired and arrested for assaulting children.

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